12 Nonprofit Leadership Tips that Can Make a Difference

Navigating the Nonprofit Rapids: Strategies and Tactics for Running a Nonprofit Company by Ted Edlich is a practical book that provides dozens of tips which, when implemented, can produce amazing results. How would you answer the questions below? Here are twelve important questions this book addresses:

  1. What is involved in making your leadership not just a job, but a sacred calling?

  2. What one question might generate a personal vision that will mean your job will never be mere work?

  3. What are the eleven critical steps in taking a recognized need and transforming it into a solution that can benefit thousands, even millions?

  4. There are many people who hold CEO positions. What characteristics distinguish those who are most outstanding?

  5. What are the top five things that will transform a humdrum board into a dynamic force for good?

  6. How do you create an organization that is results-oriented and deadly serious about delivering high-impact outcomes as well as a high-trust, high-energy, and happy work team?

  7. What criteria are helpful in terms of what kinds of projects to take on and which to let go?

  8. What kind of tools and goals are helpful in managing the financial health of a nonprofit?

  9. What are key principles to keep in mind when selecting and managing staff?

  10. Every organization has a culture that inspires or depresses. What are the kinds of cultural norms that make an organization culture effective and satisfying?

  11. Organizational influence creates opportunity and resources. How might an organization step up their social capital to gain the ability to persuade others?

  12. What is mindfulness and why is the practice now being used as a strategy in schools, hospitals, social work, counseling, and for-profit business arenas to reduce stress and improve relationships and productivity?

Want to find the answers to these questions? Check out Ted's book here.

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