Along with professional consulting, I offer a wide variety of professional services including:

  • Speaking Engagements

  • Conference leadership on nonprofit leadership and management practicies

  • Introductions to evidenced practices of motivational interviewing, Think for Change, and Mindfulness Practices

  • Organizational strategic planning retreats

  • Board development and training

  • Organizational analysis

  • Organization advising

  • Leadership coaching

  • Team building and communication skills training

What People are Saying

"Ted Edlich has been extremely helpful to our young nonprofit organization, Children’s Assistive Technology Service.  His seminar on nonprofit management seminar presented at a local SCORE meeting was on target for a new nonprofit suffering from growing pains.


In subsequent meetings, Mr. Edlich provided pointed advice from his own experience which has turned out to be essential for us. As a result we have worked hard on board engagement, exploration of resource development, grant writing, budget development and resource allocation, and expansion of a communications platform. We have expanded collaboration with other organizations. He warned us about the difficulties of nonprofit management yet encouraged us to be fearless in pursuit of our mission. It’s a wild ride!  Edlich's book, Navigating the Nonprofit Rapids: Strategies and Tactics for Running a Nonprofit Company, is a clear and insightful read on the subject which in addition to other volumes from his reading list has been both helpful and inspirational."

Cathie Cummins, Founder, CATS

Emanuel Doss

Young Adult Life Enhancement Program

TAP This Valley Works

I enjoyed the insights to leadership, non-profit leadership in particular, that Ted Edlich provided in a recent advance leadership course at TAP. He provided activities that were engaging, inspiring, and beneficial to my leadership development. Mr. Edlich allowed us to engage in real conversations concerning creating a culture conducive to leadership development and that was mission centric. The instructions were practical and applicable to leadership in a non-profit organization. 

Ted brings to our Board of directors the perspective of a non-profit leader. This is extremely important because all of our board members have a business, government or education background. Ted understands the differences between a business and non-profit environment.

One unique attribute of Ted is his vast experience in running a non-profit and his understanding of the business side of an organization.  Ted has a good knowledge of financial matters, personal issues and general management. He does not hold back his thoughts and concerns during a board meeting. He presents his ideas in a very logical manner. When Ted undertakes a project/issue he is fully committed. Not simply offering advice during a meeting, but taking the time to follow up after the meeting or whenever a useful thoughts comes to him.


Ted’s book, Navigating the Non-Profit Rapids, has been helpful to me as the new board president. The chapter outlining  board’s role and responsibilities has been particularly enlightening. I would highly recommend it to any person involved on a board of a nonprofit organization.


If the opportunity presents itself, Ted’s advice and council would be helpful to any organization.

William L. Cooper, III

President, Cooper Classics


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